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Practical Information…

Are you ready for an adventure to remember for a lifetime?

  • Feasible circuit between end-September and maximum end April.
  • Very mild temperature varying between 20o and 37o C.
  • Overnight camping in hotel and homestay.
  • Toilet paper provided.
  • Sleeping bag not included.
  • Tents and mattresses provided.
  • Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory; mandatory anti-malaria treatment (see official guidelines of the Ministry of Health) mandatory mosquito repellent product.
  • No cash dispenser: blue card very complicated; no payment by check or travelers’ checks.
  • Dollar and Euro are recommended in cash: $ 1 = 5 Sudanese pounds 1 euro = 6 Sudanese pounds.
  • Journey between different archaeological sites mostly occurs through tracks and paved roads.
  • 4 X 4 vehicles virtually latest models: max 4 people per vehicle depending on the model.
  • Voltage 220 V.
  • The mobile network: Major cities Khartoum, Atbara, Karima, Port Sudan, Méroé are covered by Mobitel networks, phone cards and telephone offices are practically everywhere.
  • Categorical prohibition to take any kind of alcohol.
  • Recommend to take a small personal first aid kit, torch, walking shoes.
  • It would be much appreciated by the locals to offer them some candy or some crayons.
  • Visa to obtain before departure from the consular services of the Embassy of Sudan.
  • Individual Record at final departure: there is no group registration for this trip.
  • In 4X4 cigarette lighter sockets are available for charging camcorders and cameras; so you are invited to be fitted with suitable cable to be adapted to your devices.
  • In some cities and some houses there is availability to load your camcorder or camera with 220 volts (current provided by the city or by generators).

* Our programs for this dream destination are the only that are following the historical and chronological order of the civilizations of different groups.

* There are uncertainties about this destination, some steps may be changed, but the entire program is respected. Travel from one bank to another in local ferry, due to lack of bridges, are very folk and may last some time.